Do you use Powder Tablets in your dishwasher or washing machine? If so we strongly recommend reading on…

Powder detergent tablets are one of the most common causes of domestic drain blockages. Used in many household dishwashers these tablets, when combined with the cooking fats and oils from the dirty plates, can re-solidify in the drain pipe and create very stubborn blockages. If you’re sink is draining very slowly and there is no blockage apparent locally (covering the plug or in the u-bend beneath the sink) then it’s very likely that the blockage is further down the pipe before the main interceptor.

Please be reminded that you should NEVER dispose of cooking fats and oils down your sinks or drains They are very hard to dissolve and create obstruction for other waste products travelling away from your property.

blocked drain in leatherhead

Powder detergent tablets solidify in the drain when mixed with fats and oils. Make sure your very careful about what you pour down your sinks

drain clearance in leatherhead

Switch to liquid based detergents to avoid damaging or blocking your drains

drain clearance in great bookham

Every year we are called out to homes where blockages have been caused by the use of powder tablets being used in dishwashers and washing machines


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Switch to a liquid based detergent

Hard water areas in particular will struggle to dissolve powder so we highly recommend to our customers that they switch to a liquid based detergent. This will greatly reduce the risk of blockages occurring.

Using high power water jetting equipment we can unblock most drains within 2 hours of your phone call. If you’re experiencing high or rising water levels in your toilet, or your sink is draining unusually slowly, then get in touch ASAP so we can help you to ensure the problem is resolved efficiently, using the most cost-effective solution available.

CCTV Drain Surveys, Drain Repair, Drain Cleaning and much more…

Our expertise extend way beyond unblocking drains. With a combined experience of over 20 years in the drainage industry we can offer innovative drainage solutions for every issue. From detailed drain survey reports through to repairing damaged drainage using state-of-the-art no dig technology. Our drain technicians are members of our very own family and are committed to ensuring your satisfaction. Always working in a tidy manner, we will ensure your drainage in Surrey is repaired, maintained or unblocked to the highest standard possible.

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